We live in a Time that’s uncertain about tomorrow, but is clear with what’s going on today.


I went back home to Binghamton last summer to see my folks and family. I had these “Lupe Fiasco Classics” looking glasses, but they were broken from when I was playing involuntary-catch with my nephew.


I had 2 types of scotch tape holding these things together, it was tragic. And my mother said I looked like a raggamuffin and she wasn’t having that. So she hooked her son up!



It wasn’t until I got my new frames and talked with my folks about things happening in life and the world, that I got the idea to make an album called ‘FRAMES’.


The concept was simple. When you’ve worn glasses for a while eventually you need a new prescription. Eyes get old and foggy over time, so new glasses with a new new prescription for your changing vision is a must.


And when you finally get that new pair, it feels like you’re seeing the world for the first time all over again. Imagine, putting something on that instantly adds clarity to what you’re looking at. What appeared fuzzy is now sharp and easily identified.


And therein lies the theme of ‘FRAMES’. Changing your perspectives to see the world and life clearer. And what’s interesting to know, is throughout the process of making the album and promoting it after, I learned something.


Making the FRAMES isn’t the hard part. Getting people to trust you and try them on is. And not for nothing, one look at the world today and what’s happening globally, and I can’t blame anyone for being hesitant in trusting someone else with their vision.

FRAMES is both my expression and platform for addressing life and the realities we live in.


There’s no manual for bridging art, science and community development. And those who have “succeeded” before don’t exactly have a clear “copyable” path that you can easily draft. But one thing I noticed in the circles of people I engage with, was that there was a constant problem of not clearly defining the problems we face.


Which lead to solutions being vary narrow and hard to believe, because they rarely factored in other people’s perspectives.


Which as you can guess, leads to the big problem of disunity we see today on our media devices.


The goal is to be able to take the FRAMES Project to different cities and establishments where dialogue with context and perspective is needed. This isn’t just an album, it’s a solution with a soundtrack.

The only reason we can’t and haven’t had THIS conversation yet, is solely based on people “talking harmony” and not “talking rhythm.”


Harmony is based on tone; what sounds good v.s. what sounds bad. Rhythm is based on tempo; too fast v.s. too slow. Our current solutions are more concerned with managing how we feel and not enough with managing how to pace of those tones (feelings).


With this album FRAMES, this first installment addresses some of today’s current issues in America around race, identity and religion as told by Hip Hop Afro-American Muslim. It’s part nostalgia and part timely, blending elements of traditional radio and soul-sample Hip Hop together with socially aware lyrics and commentary layered over the music.


Listen to the album (below) or on Bandcamp and Pandora, and be sure to follow me on Instagram to stay up to date with the FRAMES Project and how you can get involved.

FRAMES in the media



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