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It’s finally here!

Today I release my 10th project, ‘FRAMES’! I started making this project after returning home (Binghamton, NY) to see my parents and people I hadn’t seen in two years since moving back to Pittsburgh. When I got back, Bingo was dealing with a resurgence of crank and heroin, along with trying to stabilize the crime and economy.

My parents saw my broken glasses that I rode up in, and I got my new pair (the ones you see in the album cover and promos). And that set off the idea and tone for ‘FRAMES’. I had gone 3 years with broken glasses (2013), and at least that since getting a new Rx for my lenses. When I finally got my new frames, I could see waaaaay better.


Crisp detail in nature, trees, cars, people walking, etc. It was like “seeing better, clearer” again for the first time. And that’s how I compare our current outlooks on the lives we live and see through. This album challenges you to ask things like “what am I looking at?”…”Is this real?”…”how am I involved in what I see?”.

Sometimes, all it takes is a new perspective change or new FRAMES to better see the world and problems around us. Change our perspectives for the better, and we can change the world.

I give Frames and Glasses through music and media. All about changing perspectives to get the job done. ||| Asst Creative Dir. @ 1Hood Media ~ Chief Engineer @ Ground Flow Communications, Inc. ~ DIY Audio & Visual Education and Practice…check me out.

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