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This past week I had the blessing of being in my first featured news paper article! I met with Pittburgh CityPaper‘s journalist Alex Gordon & photographer Luke Thor Travis to breakdown the meaning behind and making of my latest album ‘FRAMES’.


I’m truly humbled and still taking it in. Every step counts, and to have a platform and conversation around not just the music but more importantly what the music speaks on…yo…straight blessing.

Photo by : Luke Thor Travis - Pittsburgh CityPaper

Photo by : Luke Thor Travis – Pittsburgh CityPaper


Read an excerpt from the article below (full article here) and make sure to grab your copy FRAMES today, now available in Clean & Raw versions.


“Idasa Tariq’s work — in music, education, activism and graphic design, among other things — is about perspective. He’s obsessed with it: Why we see things the way we do, how much of it is innate, how much is learned, how much is universal, how much is superficial and what can be done to change it.

Example: Tariq currently teaches a course called FRAMES in the Media Literacy and Hip Hop program at Jeron X Grayson Community Center in the Hill District. In the course, he likes to share pieces of culture with his students — current events, philosophy, history — without any imposed narrative, without commentary, without telling them why it’s perceived as important. He’s always surprised by their responses. They always see it differently; they separate the signal from the noise. He calls it “spot on,” cutting straight to the heart of the problem, but has trouble describing exactly what that means, and what it means to lose it as you get older.

“You grow up — at some point, life kills your dreams,” Tariq laughs. He describes how responsibilities and distractions mount as you get older, and it gets harder and harder to stay focused on your passions. Working with youth — he doesn’t like to call them kids — reminds him of what an uncluttered perspective feels like.”


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I give Frames and Glasses through music and media. All about changing perspectives to get the job done. ||| Asst Creative Dir. @ 1Hood Media ~ Chief Engineer @ Ground Flow Communications, Inc. ~ DIY Audio & Visual Education and Practice…check me out.

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