“Back 2 The Basics” (Video)

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“Back 2 The Basics” is the second visual from my latest album ‘FRAMES’.

Looking in retrospect at my career as an “artist with a purpose”, and the journey that often times gets mislabeled as the path of the so-called “conscious musician”, this song and video is a collage of time. Time caught in the rhythm of Hip Hop and Islamic Art, and seeking a greater purpose that’s never ever too great for the HOOD.

#FRAMES is all about changing your perspective, because if we continue as a whole human race to look at the world the way we do, we all will continue to act the way we do. Living in a world that is everyday trying to kill it self.


I give Frames and Glasses through music and media. All about changing perspectives to get the job done. ||| Asst Creative Dir. @ 1Hood Media ~ Chief Engineer @ Ground Flow Communications, Inc. ~ DIY Audio & Visual Education and Practice…check me out.

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